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Doctor Who 100 Icons Community

. Travels Through Time and Space .

The Doctor Who 100 X 100 Icon Challenge
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  *  S i t e . N a v i g a t i o n

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  *  A b o u t . t h e . C h a l l e n g e

This is a community for icon makers to claim a subject or pairing from Doctor Who, the popular, long-running BBC sci-fi series. After claiming this subject, the icon maker must make 100 icons in 100 days or less of that subject. Are you a Whovian, perhaps just a prolific icon maker, or both and are you interested in a challenge? Then you've come to the right place! If this sounds like something for you, then join up and join in on the fun!

How it works:
one ~ Join the community. You must be a member to participate.
two ~ Submit a claim for your subject of choice at this post and then wait to be approved by a mod.
three ~ Once approved, you will be given Batch dates and posting access and you may then begin to post icons of your subject.
four ~ Make 100 icons out of your subject following certain terms and themes. You don't have to do it all at once! You may post them in small batches each time, as long as you finish within 100 days, or approximately three and a half months.
five ~ If you've completed the challenge successfully, please comment at the Hall of Fame post so that we can add your name to the list of those who had gone before you in your quest for insanity. You also get an award banner to show off wherever you please!

But as with all communities, there are some rules and fine details. Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, you can ask here.

  *  C o m m u n i t y . R u l e s

~**~ The only subjects allowed in this community for claiming are subjects that are a part of the Whoniverse. This means any characters, episodes, seasons, pairings/otps/ships, actors, or guest stars, both from the old and the new series. For more information on this, or if you want to ask specific questions about subjects, refer to the FAQ.

~**~ Each subject may only be claimed by one person at any given time. You are allowed a span of 100 days to complete the 100 icons for your subject - that's fourteen weeks and two days, or about three months, two weeks and two days. Don't worry if that makes you cross your eyes, we'll give you an exact date, although many people finish a lot faster than that! :D We have a time limit so that one person isn't just hogging a subject all the time without making the icons. To prevent "fake claims", we also have a First Batch date, meaning that you must post your first batch within the first two weeks of claiming a subject or your name will be removed from the list.

~**~ At the moment you may claim two different subjects at a time. However, if you claim more than one, it means you must finish the two claims within the 100 days per claim - you cannot add it together for more time. Don't take on more than one claim unless you think you can handle it!

~**~ All 100 icons must contain your subject in them in some form. That's the whole point isn't it? Your icon can include other characters as long as your subject is in the icon as well, or in text in some way. However, while this is allowed, we recommend you to do it sparingly and to remember to try and keep your icons focused on your subject.

~**~ You do not have to post all 100 icons in one go! You can break them up into smaller batches, with a minimum of 5 icons per small post, with a requisite 12 hours between each post so as not to clog friends lists! You are allowed to preview up to 3 icons, and please put your icons behind a cut or a fake cut. (Yes, you're allowed to do fake cuts, but you must state clearly that it's a fake cut, and please tell us where it leads!)

~**~ If your icon contains questionable rating content, please post a noticeable warning and place all of those icons behind a cut. You MUST do this! We know this should be pretty obvious, but please, no porn movies - this comm is open to all ages. ;D Adult content is fine, it is Torchwood, after all, but please, please warn people first.

~**~ Please make new icons for this challenge. This is so very important! We want new work. It wouldn't be much of a challenge if you just dug up a whole bunch of old icons you made four months ago. Also, while icon makers of all levels are welcome, please put effort into your icons. What we mean by this is, we don't want a whole bunch of cropped screenshots - this isn't a bases community - and just slapping some text on top isn't much further along from that. Come at us with your best work, and you'll find that our friends and your fellow icon makers will be much more appreciative!

~**~ Out of the 100 icons you make, part of the challenge is to make 50 of them following a particular set of themes. These themes are included down below and can be taken pretty much any way you like. You can use them as the text on your icon or you can use it purely as an abstract interpretation. For example, for a "red" theme, your icon can represent that theme in terms of the actual color of your icon, or if red reminds you of anger as in seeing red, your icon can show anger, and so forth. Let the themes spark your creativity!

The other 50 of your icons are Artist's Choice, meaning you can do whatever you like with it as long as it pertains to your subject. The first 50 icons have to follow a given set of themes to make the challenge a bit more challenging. :D Note: You do not have to make your icons in the order of these themes. You can make them in any order but each theme can only be counted once. Don't make 5 icons of one theme and skip some other themes entirely. You can make 5 of the same theme and then post the other 4 as Artist's choice, though. That's up to you!

Please know that these themes are included for extra fun and challenge. There's no theme police around here to determine if your icon qualifies under said theme. All in all, just have fun with them. :D

* Themes *

* 001 * Adventure
* 002 * Music
* 003 * History
* 004 * Stars
* 005 * Words
* 006 * Blood
* 007 * Book
* 008 * Handsome
* 009 * Smile
* 010 * Cuddle
* 011 * Beauty
* 012 * Beast
* 013 * Never Forget
* 014 * Want
* 015 * Urgency
* 016 * Wild
* 017 * Eye
* 018 * Lips
* 019 * Face
* 020 * Shadow
* 021 * Explore
* 022 * One
* 023 * Two
* 024 * Three
* 025 * More
* 026 * Alien
* 027 * Betrayal
* 028 * War
* 029 * Peace
* 030 * Leader
* 031 * Robot
* 032 * Yell
* 033 * Trapped
* 034 * Young
* 035 * Old
* 036 * Safe
* 037 * Perilous
* 038 * Sonic
* 039 * Door
* 040 * Crazy
* 041 * Confident
* 042 * Gobsmacked
* 043 * Awe
* 044 * Time
* 045 * Loss
* 046 * Black & White
* 047 * Tea
* 048 * Toy
* 049 * Run
* 050 * Relax

~**~ When posting your icons to the community, please do it in this format:

Subject: (Character, Episode, Actor, Season, etc.) Ex.: Five/Tegan // S18-21, All Eps.
Batch: (What batch you're on, which number of icons are in that batch, etc.) Ex.: Batch 1 // 01 - 21
Themes: (Whatever themes you finished for this post of icons.) Ex: Blue, Time, Star.
Additional Notes: (Credits, disclaimers, any rules of usage, etc.) Ex.: Please credit me in your keywords, comments are love!

And then your icons, under a cut of course. ;) It will help greatly if you include the batch number and/or how many icons you've completed so far. It helps us keep track of you in memories, and lets the other members see how far you've progressed.

Please take a look at the FAQ page for more miscellaneous info or if you have a question, you can ask there as well! :D

  *  I c o n . C h a r t

Please use the following chart to make post your icons in! You don't have to, but it's easier to keep track of your icons.
Also, if you have your own, feel free to use that!

Maintainer: moira_fae11
Memories Upkeepers: moira_fae11 & fly_to_dawn
Tags Upkeeper: fly_to_dawn
Expired Claims Notifier: fly_to_dawn
Banner Maker: fly_to_dawn

Current site layout by: interlinea. Profile based on the layout at csiicons100 by __krissy and hugely based off the info and rules laid out by unspell.

If you're interested in becoming part of the Doctor Who Icons 100 Challenge team, please contact moira_fae11! We can always use help.

And finally, please help promote this community and spread the word. After all, the more the merrier...and the more icons you get to see/share. :D

  *  O u r . A f f i l l i a t e s

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