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DW Icons 100
Doctor Who 100 Icons Community
. Travels Through Time and Space .
The Present 
7th-May-2008 10:44 pm(no subject)
[renner] - let me ruin your day with my
Subject: David Tennant.
Batch: Batch #02 // Icons 13-32
Themes: Star, Handsome, Smile, Want, Face, One, History, Words, Two, Relax, Sonic, Crazy
Additional Notes: ...

find them all (HERE)
6th-May-2008 02:02 pm(no subject)
[renner] - let me ruin your day with my
Subject: David Tennant
Batch: Batch #01 - 13 Icons
Themes: Star, Handsome, Smile, Want, Face, One
Additional Notes:
Nothing really ...


(follow the fake!cut!)
herp a derp a derp
Whee! I'm on a roll here! There are so many batches because I just have to post them as I make them! 

New themes: "History", "Stars", "Shadow", "Confident", "Black and White" and 1 more Artist's Choice.

In all, I've posted 21 (but made 56 - I just don't like 35 of them enough to be posted!). Pretty good for my first time, eh? ^^
herp a derp a derp
Very small batch, but it includes a new "default"/no icon icon, and Words, Smile, Cuddle and three two Artist's Choice. I do believe I've made a lot of progress in my texturing skill tonight. Yay!

ETA: Couple of updated icons, not enough to be a whole batch.

New "Beauty", "Betrayal" and 1 Artist's Choice.


herp a derp a derp

Hello everybody!

Argh, something went wrong again! Anyway, follow the cut above ^ for my first batch of icons: Adventure, Music, Beauty, Sonic, Gobsmacked, Relax + 3 Artist's Choice.

Snag and use without credit, just don't edit or claim as your own. 


Concrit highly encouraged - I need help with textures, badly. 

Preview (these are my best, haha):

11th-Mar-2008 10:24 pm(no subject)
tb | jessica | 001
Batch 2
Ten/Martha Series Three
Themes used - beauty, more, trapped, old, crazy, confident
Artist's Choice - 3

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Updated Table Available here (scroll down the page) on my icon journal doctor_boosh

Comment, credit and enjoy!
4th-Mar-2008 06:38 pm - Worthy of mention ...
DW: Saxon and his wife ...
In case you like LIMS/Icontest-like communities, I'd like to spread the word that there's a new one out there: dw_rumble. It's a lot like a LIMS contest, with a few subtle differences ... You should definitely check it out! I mean ... I have ...

23rd-Feb-2008 09:39 pm - Martha Jones Batch 2
Subject: Martha Jones
Batch: 2
Themes: Music, Stars, Blood, Book, Handsome, Cuddle, Beauty, Beast, Never Forget, Want, Eye, Lips, Face, Shadow, Explore, One, Two, Three, Alien, Betrayal, War, Peace, Leader, Robot, Yell, Safe, Crazy, Confident, Awe, Time, Loss, Black and White, Tea, Toy, Run
Additional Notes: Please comment and credit. Don't Hotlink. One use of a swear word.



Icons here
Subject: (Return of the Master 2007 - Episode 11-13)
Batch: Batch 4 // 72 - 100 (OMG DONE!)
Themes: Adverture, History, Blood, Book, Handsome, Shadow, Explore, One, Two, Three, More, Peace, Young, Old, Perilous, Sonic, Gobsmacked, Awe, Black and White, Tea, Toy, Relax
(AC) Bedhair, Game, Victory, Back, Blah, Snarky, Escape, Up, Car



And I looked down upon my dominion as master of all, and I throught it good
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